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Collegamento a "Contributi in Volumi" del CNR



  • A. Cavaliere and M. de Joannon and P. Sabia and G. Sorrentino and R. Ragucci

3 - Highly Preheated Lean Combustion

  • Russo L.; Spiliotis K.G.

Bifurcation analysis of a forest-grassland ecosystem

  • Siettos C.I.; Anastassopoulou C.; Russo L.; Grigoras C.; Mylonakis E.

Estimation of the age-specific per-contact probability of Ebola virus transmission in Liberia using agent-based simulations

  • Siettos C.I.; Russo L.

Preface of the "4th Symposium on Dynamics of Complex Systems & Networks: Modelling, Computational Analysis and Control"

  • Spiliotis K.G.; Russo L.; Aifantis E.C.

The effect of the diffusion on the bifurcation behavior of dislocation patterns in the one-dimensional finite domain






  • Evaggelidis I.N.; Siettos C.I.; Russo P.; Russo L.

Complex network theory criterion to distribute fuel breaks for the hazard control of fire spread in forests

  • Russo L.; Mancusi E.

Mapping resonance regions in loop networks with spatio-temporal symmetry







  • Ancione, Giuseppa; Milazzo, Maria Francesca; Salzano, Ernesto; Maschio, Giuseppe

A GIS-tool for the vulnerability mapping of industrial facilities potentially exposed to volcanic Na-Tech events

  • Sanchirico R.

A new approach for the reliable estimation of kinetic parameters by means of dynamic DSC experiments

  • Ernesto Salzano

Confined Gas and Dust Explosions

  • Di Benedetto A.; Basco A.; Cammarota F.; Di Sarli V.; Salzano E.; Russo G.

Deflagration, detonation and combustion-induced rapid phase transition

  • Salzano, Ernesto; Landucci, Gabriele; Reniers, Genserik; Cozzani, Valerio

Domino Effects Related to Home-Made Explosives

  • Giudicianni, Paola; Cardone, Giuseppe; Cavaliere, Antonio; Ragucci, Raffaele

Effect of Feedstock Demineralization on Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Arundo Donax Derived Biochar

  • Sanchirico R.; Russo P.; Di Sarli V.; Di Benedetto A.

Explosibility and flammability characteristics of nicotinic acid-lycopodium/air mixtures

  • Lanzano, Giovanni; Santucci de Magistris, Filippo; Fabbrocino, Giovanni; Salzano, Ernesto

Integrated approach to the seismic vulnerability assessment of industrial underground equipment and pipelines

  • Giudicianni, Paola; Ciajolo, Anna; Sferragatta, Nicol; Cavaliere, Antonio; Ragucci, Raffaele

Mechanical and Thermal Treatments of Municipal Solid Waste Organic Fraction in Small Dehydration Units





  • Tosolini E, Grimaz S, Salzano E

A Sensitivity Analysis of Available Safe Egress Time Correlation

  • Tugnoli A., Salzano E., Di Benedetto A., Russo P., Cozzani V

Analysis of the flash-fire scenario in the viareggio accident

  • Scala F.; Chirone R.; Salatino P.

Attrition phenomena relevant to fluidized bed combustion and gasification systems

  • C. Arnal, M. Alfè, V. Gargiulo, A. Ciajolo, M.U. Alzueta, A. Millera, R. Bilbao

Characterization of Soot

  • Salzano E. , Cammarota F., Di Benedetto A, Sarli V., Russo G.

Combustion-induced rapid phase transition of CH4/O2/inert mixtures

  • Scala, Fabrizio; Solimene, Roberto; Montagnaro, Fabio

Conversion of solid fuels and sorbents in fluidized bed combustion and gasification

  • Landucci, Gabriele; Salzano, Ernesto; Taveau, Jérôme R.; Spadoni, Gigliola; Cozzani, Valerio

Detailed Studies of Domino Scenarios

  • Salzano, E. , Antonioni, G., Landucci, G., Cozzani V.

Domino effects related to explosions in the framework of land use planning

  • Di Natale F.; Nigro R.; Scala F.

Heat and mass transfer in fluidized bed combustion and gasification systems

  • Paola S. Barbato, Almerinda Di Benedetto, Valeria Di Sarli, Gianluca Landi

Ignition and Quenching Behaviour of High Pressure CH4 Catalytic Combustion over a LaMnO3 Honeycomb

  • Di Sarli V.; Di Benedetto A.

Large eddy simulation of transient flame-vortex interactions during explosions of hydrogen-enriched methane/air mixtures

  • Salzano, Ernesto; Hoorelbeke, Pol; Khan, Faisal; Amyotte, Paul R.

Overpressure Effects

  • Lanzano G., Salzano E., Santucci de Magistris F., Fabbrocino G.

Performance assessment of continuous buried pipelines under earthquake loadings


Seismic vulnerability of wastewater treatment plants

  • Casson V., Salzano E., Maschio G.

Sensitivity analysis for the thermal stability criteria of hydrogen peroxide

  • Cozzani, Valerio; Tugnoli, Alessandro; Bonvicini, Sarah; Salzano, Ernesto

Threshold-Based Approach

  • Demichela M., Maschio G., Milazzo M.F., Salzano E.

Vulnerability assessment for human targets due to ash fallout from Mt. Etna

  • Milazzo M.F., Ancione G., Salzano E.,Maschio G.

Vulnerability of industrial facilities to potential volcanic ash fallouts

  • Lanzano G., Salzano E., De Magistris F.S., Fabbrocino G.

Vulnerability of pipelines subjected to permanent deformation due to geotechnical co-seismic effects





  • Lanzano G., Salzano E., Fabbrocino G., Santucci De Magistris F.

An observational analysis of seismic vulnerability of industrial pipelines

  • Milazzo M.F., Ancione G., Lister D.G., Basco A., Salzano E., Maschio G.

Analysis of the effects due to ash fallout from Mt. Etna on Industrial Installations

  • Dyer J., Raibagkar A.P., Kolbe M., Salzano E.

Blast damage consideratons for horizontal pressure vessel and potential for domino effects

  • Basco A., Cammarota F., Di Benedetto A., Di Sarli V., Salzano E., Russo G.

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Laminar Burning Velocity of Binary and Ternary Hydrocarbon/H2 Mixtures

  • C. Allouis, R. Pagliara

infrared imaging to combustion systems

  • E. Santini, M. Alfè, A. Ciajolo, F. Ravera, M. Ferrari, L. Liggieri

Interfacial Properties of Nanosized Soot Particles Suspensions and Stability of Related Foams and Emulsions

  • F. Ambrosino, F. S. Marra, A. Aprovitola

Numerical modelling of wall effects in slagging coal gasifiers

  • Tosolini E., Grimaz S., Pecile L.C., Salzano E.

People Evacuation: Simplified Evaluation of Available Safe Egress Time (ASET) in Enclosures

  • Salzano E., Garcia-Agreda A., Russo V., Di Serio M., Santacesaria E.

Safety Criteria for the Epoxydation of Soybean Oil in Fed-Batch Reactor

  • Di Benedetto A., Cammarota F., Di Sarli V., Salzano E., Russo G.

The c-RPT Phenomenon: Theoretical Evaluations

  • Cammarota F., Di Benedetto A., Di Sarli V., Salzano E.

The Effect of Hydrogen Addition on The Explosion of Ethanol/Air Mixtures

  • M. Alfè, Gargiulo, V., Ghiazza, M., Carella, E., Fenoglio, I, Ciajolo, A

The Effect of Nanostructure and Adsorbed Organic Species on the Radical Activity of Combustion-Derived

  • Salzano E., Cozzani V., Kolbe M.

The Interaction of Accidental Explosions with Industrial Equipment




  • Krausmann E.; Salzano E.; Cozzani V.; Rota R.; Aneziris O.; Vallee A.; Affeltranger B.; Reimeringer M.; Mazri Ch.

A New Set of KPIs and a New Methodology for NATECH (Natural-Technological) Risk

  • Osvalda Seneca

Characterization of biomass as non conventional fuels by thermal thechniques, in Biomass and Bioenergy Production

  • Russo L*, Siettos CI**, Kevrekidis IG***

Equation free modeling and computation of interacting units: from molecules to organisms

  • Spiliotis KG*, Reppas IA*, Russo L**, Siettos CI*, Rajendran K***, Kevrekidis IG***

Equation-Free Bifurcation Analysis of Emergent Dynamics Evolving on Complex Networks

  • Milazzo M.F., Ancione G., Basco A., Salzano E., Maschio G.

Industrial hazards associated with the eruption of Etna

  • F. Scala

Mass transfer around active particles in fluidized beds (Chapter 25)

  • F. Ambrosino; F. S. Marra

Numerical Modelling of Confined Particle Laden Flows

  • A. Di Benedetto, A. Garcia Agrda, P. Russo, R. Sanchirico

On the Features of of Dust Explosions

  • Cozzani V., Rota R., Tugnoli A., Busini V., Bubbico R., Salzano E., Uguccioni G.

Safety of LNG regasification terminals: the Blue Book approach





  • Paltrinieri, Nicola; Cozzani, Valerio; Wardman, Mike J.; Dechy, Nicolas; Salzano, Ernesto

Atypical major hazard scenarios and their inclusion in risk analysis and safety assessments

  • Raffaele Ragucci; Brian Milton

Conventional and Innovative Spray Generation for Combustion Application

  • Center for Chemical Process Safety

Guidelines for Vapor Cloud Explosion, Pressure Vessel Burst, BLEVE and Flash Fire Hazards

  • Mariarosaria de Joannon; Pino Sabia; Antonio Cavaliere

MILD Combustion

  • Fiorenzo Ambrosino, Francesco Saverio Marra

Numerical modelling of confined particle laden flows, in High Performance Computing on CRESCO infrastructure: research activities and results 2009-2010 - pag 19-26

  • Annalisa Bruno, Corrado de Lisio, Patrizia Minutolo

Ultrafast Fluorescence Anisotropy for Combustion-Produced Nanoparticles Analysis





  • A. Ciajolo, M. Alfè, B. Apicella, R. Barbella, A. Tregrossi

Characterization of carbon particulate matter relevant in combustion

  • P. Minutolo, L.A. Sgro, A. Bruno, A. D'Anna, A. D'Alessio

Characterization of particles collected from combustion systems by water-based sampling

  • A. Ciajolo

Condensed Phases in Soot Formation Process

  • Anna Ciajolo

Condensed phases in soot formation process

  • de Joannon M., Sabia P., Cavaliere A

HDDI Mild Combustion - chapter 7th in Alternative Ignition Systems

  • A. D'Alessio, A. D'Anna, P. Minutolo, L.A. Sgro

Nanoparticles of organic carbon (NOC) formed in flames and their effect in urban atmospheres

  • Gioia F., Murena F., Urciuolo M.

Oil mobility in water-saturated granular media and emergency actions for the containment




  • A. Cavaliere; M. de Joannon; R. Ragucci

Highly Preheated Lean Combustion




  • Di Sarli V.; Di Benedetto V.; Salzano E.; Ferrara G.; Russo G.

Mitigation of Gas Explosions in Industrial Equipment by means of Venting Systems

  • Salzano, E., Cozzani, V.,

Quantitative Risk Assessment of Industrial Processes: The Path Towards a Global Approach

  • Russo L.*, Mancusi E.**, Altimari P.***, Maffettone PL.****, Crescitelli S.****

Spatio-temporal simulations in loop reactors with different switch strategies




  • Brasiello A.*, Russo L.**, Mancusi E.***, di Bernardo M.**** and S.Crescitelli*,

Bifurcations of Periodic Regimes in a Controlled Reverse Flow Reactor

  • Smula J.*, Russo L.**, Continillo G.*

Computation of fractal dimension for cascade of three CSTR with periodic feed switching

  • Altimari P.*, Russo L.**, Mancusi E.***, di Bernardo M.**** and S.Crescitelli*

Control of thermal runway by bifurcation tailoring

  • Cimino S., Donsì F., Pirone R. and Russo G


  • Ranzi E., T. Faravelli, D'Alessio A., D'Anna A., A. Ciajolo

Formazione di particelle fini e ultrafini nei processi di combustione in fase omogenea”

  • A. Brasiello *; L. Russo**; E. Mancusi***; M. di Bernardo****; S. Crescitelli*

Nonlinear dynamics of a controlled reverse flow reactor




  • P. Altimari(a), G. Baldi(b), A. Barresi(b), G. Buzzi Ferrarisc, G. Continillod, S. Crescitellia, D. Fissoreb, D. Mancac, E. Mancusid, M. Peregob, L. Russo, J. Smulad

Analysis, dynamics and control of forced unsteady-state reactors: recent advances.

  • Albanese D.a, Lanzara S.a, Russo L.a, Poiana M.b and M. Di Matteoa

Deflection proves on minimally processed asparagus

  • Albanese Da, Russo La, Cinquanta Lb, Di Matteo Ma

Shear proves on cuttle fish during conservation with active packaging




  • Russo L.*, Mancusi E.** and S. Crescitelli*

Chaos and Intermittencies in Forced Reactors

  • Mancusi E. *, L. Russo **, G. Continillo * and S. Crescitelli ***

Frequency Locking in Periodically Forced Network of Reactors

  • Russo L.*, Mancusi E.**, Maffettone P.L.***, and S. Crescitelli*

Symmetry in nonlinear dynamics of reverse flow reactors




  • Adrover, A.a, Continillo, G.b, Crescitelli, S.c, Giona, M.a , Russo, L.c

Collocation methods and inertial manifold theory for the modal reduction of dissipative distributed systems

  • Russo L.*; Mancusi E.**; Continillo G.** and S. Crescitelli*

Reduced basins of attraction of large dynamical systems for the analysis of chemical reactor models





Dynamics and products of wood pyrolysis




  • Grosso, M. ; Russo, L. ; Maffettone, P.L. ; Crescitelli, S.

A nonlinear Galerkin method for numerical approximation of the dynamics of mesophases under flow

  • Russo, L. *; Adrover, A.**; Continillo, G.*** ; Crescitelli, S. *; Giona, M**

Dynamic behavior of a reaction/diffusion system: wavelet-like collocations and approximate inertial manifolds



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