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The Institute of Research on Combustion carries out research in areas of strategic importance for the national level of innovation, with implications on several fields: energy, industry, safety, environment, new materials. Activities, carried out at both theoretical and experimental level, aim to the develop combustion processes with low environmental impact and to develop new technologies for electric and thermal energy production, thermo-valorization of wastes, biomass and alternative fuels.Within this framework studies are dedicated also to the development of advanced techniques of characterization of fossil fuels, combustible mixtures derived from the the transformation of fossil fuels, particulate and gaseous pollutants produced by combustion. This activity includes also the measurement of parameters relevant to industrial risk assessment such as flammability and explosion limits. The general scope is the progressive upgrade of already available combustion technologies in terms of environmental friendliness and the development of innovative alternative technologies able to optimize the energetic efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of combustion in terms of emission of pollutants as well as of green house gases.


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