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Experimental Facilities


Pilot-scale fluidized bed combustor – FBC-370 (0.3MW)

The pilot-scale 300 kW facility has a circular section (370 mm ID) and a total height of 4.65 m and it is equipped with a continuous over-bed/under-bed feeding system for coal, biomass and wastes.
The lower section of the column contains the two plenum chambers and the distributor for studies on "Gulf Stream" conditions to promote mixing of reacting particles

High Pressure Spray Combustor

Experimental apparatus for studies of atomization, vaporization, mixing and combustion processes of spray under conditions of high temperature and pressure.
Operative conditions: max pressure: 40 bar, max Tin 700 K, max air flow rate 10 Kg/min.

Fluidized Bed Gasifier - FBG (50 kW)

The fluidized bed reactor consists of a 140mm I.D. stainless steal column operating under bubbling regime.
Electrical element surrounding the reactor are employed to heat up the reactor at the reaction temperature and to provide the eventually heat required during the reaction.
The operating temperature can be varied up to 900°C.
The gasification stream can be carried out by using different gases, steam, carbon dioxide and air, diluted or not in N2.

Ibrid Catalytic Combustor

Burner for gas cooker or condensing boilers; nominal power 30kW. Multi-fuels (CH4, LPG, H2, biogas).
Real time analysis of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, CH4 emissions. Tmax 1500°C

Domestic Boiler for wood pellet

25kW boiler

Multi-fuel fluidized bed boiler for domestic applications

20-60kW Fluidized bed combustor equipped with a conical gas distributor for wood pellets.


PFR Reactor for studies on oxidation kinetics under mild conditions.
Tin,max 1300K, diameter 10 mm, V max 150 m/s.


Steam Condensation Particle Remover

Catalytic Reactor for Hydrocarbons Partial Oxydation "Short Contact Time"

Autothermall Reactor used for studies on syngas e olefin productions.
Structured catalysts

Pressurized Catalytic Combustor

Pre-pilot catalityc combustor for burning light fuels, CH4, CO, H2, C3H8.

Catalytic micro-combustor

Catalityc combustion of light fuels, CH4, CO, H2, C3H8.

Experimental apparatus for mitigation of NOx emission

Bench scale fixed bed reactor for catalytic decomposition of NO, NO2 e N2O.

Double Fixed Bed Reactor for Solid Fuel Characterization

The experimental rig is made by two fixed bed quartz reactor (ID=1 cm, length=60 cm) heated independently in two different electric furnaces.
Under typical conditions the first furnaces is heated by means of an heating rate while the second one works at a constant temperature.
The experimental apparatus is used to characterize solid fuels: coal, biomass and wastes.
Operative conditions: ambient pressure, temperature up to 900°C, operative gases: N2, air, oxygen, CO2 and steam.
Equipped with on line micro-GC anf off line GC-mass and a device for collection of elultriated powder.

Catalytic Fluidized Bed for methane decomposition

Bench scale catalytic fluidized bed reactor (i.d. 26mm).
Operative conditions: ambient pressure and temperature up to 800°C.
Equipped with a gas analysis system for CH4, CO, CO2, H2 e O2 and a device for.

Flame Burner

Innovative burner for gas and liquid fuels


Mobility analyzer: 1-50 nm particle size range.

CSTR reactor

CSTR reactor operating at high pressure (up to 10 bar) and high temperature ( up to 1000 °C)

STR 5lt MAWP200bar

5 liter STR Reactor for charaterization of flammability parameters (ATEX/PED) up to 400 bar and 350°C.

PFR 3.4lt MAWP200bar

3.4 liter PFR Reactor for charaterization of flammability parameters (ATEX/PED) up to 400 bar and 350°C.

3lt MAWP1000bar

Reactor for charaterization of flammability parameters of gases and particulates under pyrolysis conditions (gas atmosphere N2/air and temperature up to 1000 °C).

USBM 20lt

20 liter spherical reactor for characterization of gas explosions.

Sound Assisted Fluidized Bed

Bech-scale sound assised fluidized bed reactor (40 mm i.d.) for Cohesive powders.
The reactor can be operated up to 850 °C and with the application of high intensity sound fiels (up to 150 dB)

Bi-dimensional Fluidized Bed

Cold model of deep fluidized bed equipped with a compartimented gas distributor.
LxWxH = 2m x 0.2m x 3m

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