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Michela Alfé
Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione IRC-CNR
P.le V. Tecchio, 80 - 80125 Napoli (Italy)
Ph. +39 081 7682247

Fax +39 081 7682262

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Research Topics


Principal research fields:

  • Synthesis and characterization of new nanostructured carbon-based materials: ultrathin graphene-like film (< 20nm); high surface area microporous composites (metal-organic-framework/graphene-like); photoactive composites (TiO2/ graphene-like);  surface modified carbon blacks (amino-derivate, ferromagnetite, supported ionic liquid phase); eumelanin/graphene-like hybrids;
  • Study of the chemical-physical properties of nanosized pollutants produced from combustion systems (controlled flames, diesel engines);
  • Study of reaction mechanisms of combustion and formation of organic pollutants including carbon-based nanoparticulates and PAH.









Biographical Notes


Michela Alfè graduated in Organic Chemistry (2000) at University of Naples “Federico II”. The thesis has concerned new strategies for solid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides. She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2004 at University of Naples “Federico II” (advisor Prof. A. D’Alessio). The PhD thesis has concerned the evaluation and characterization of fine particulates (< 100 nm) produced from controlled combustion sources. In 2004 she was visiting scientist at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Materials Science Division (Argonne National Laboratory), Illinois, USA. After a two-year postdoctoral stay at Department of Chemical Engineering of University of Naples (advisor Dr A. Ciajolo) and a one-year postdoctoral stay at the Institute of Research on Combustion (IRC)-CNR, in 2008 she joined the IRC – CNR.
Her research interests include the study of the formation processes of carbonaceous nanoparticulate (< 100 nm) in combustion systems and the synthesis of new low-cost carbon-based materials and composites for innovative applications in energetic (sorbents for carbon capture and storage, water treatment, sensoristic, selective photoxidation).

Her recent scientific activities are:

  • Synthesis and characterization of new nanostructured carbon-based materials of uniform size (< 200 nm), shape and chemical-physical properties, with a good degree of dispersion and stability in polar solvents;
  • Synthesis of low-cost graphene-like thin films (thickness < 20 nm) by wet chemical methods;
  • Synthesis of water-stable metal-organic framework (MOF)/graphene-like composites;
  • Synthesis of TiO2/graphene-like and TiO2/Cu catalysts for solar driven selective oxidation;
  • Synthesis of bioinspired materials (eumelanin/graphene-like hybrids);
  • Sampling and characterization of nanosized pollutants produced from combustion systems (controlled flames, diesel engines);
  • Formation mechanisms and monitoring of organic pollutants, including PAH and soot.

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