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Chirone Riccardo



                                                                    Riccardo Chirone
Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione IRC-CNR
P.le V. Tecchio, 80 - 80125 Napoli (Italy)
Ph. +39 081 7682242 / +39 331 6083765
Fax +39 081 7682262



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Riccardo Chirone is an active researcher in the field of chemical reactors, combustion and gasification processes and process technology of granular solids. Author of about 110 international publications in ISI Journals (about 1870 citations, h-index = @ 26 10.02.2016 – source Scopus), over 300 publications in Conference proceedings with international and national Peer Review Committee and 4 patents. The research interests of dr. Chirone are related to three main areas:

  • Fluidized bed reactors for the clean combustion and gasification of solid fuels.
  • Sound assisted fluidization for operation of cohesive powders particles.
  • Combustion and gasification mechanisms and kinetics of coals and other carbonaceous materials.


Riccardo Chirone operates in the following national and international research projects:

  • Scientific and technological alliance for guaranteeing the European excellence in Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy – STAGE-STE
  • Concentrating Solar Energy SOLTESS - PON - ricerca e formazione
  • CO2 capture and clean energy from fossil fuels
  • Cooperation agreement between IRC and Valle Caudina administration in the framework of Strategy Plan for sostainable Energy Use and Production (Joint Paes Program)

Biographical Notes


Riccardo Chirone is the director of the the Institute for Research on Combustion (IRC) del CNR. He earned a MS degree cum laude in Chemical Engineering  from Engeneering Faculty of the University of Naples Federico II in 1981 and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the same Faculty in 1986. Riccardo Chirone began his career with the National Research Council as Researcher of the Institute of Research on Combustion of Naples in 1985, and then moved to holding position of increased responsibility, Senior Researcher of the Institute in 1996 and Head of Research since December 2001. In 1985 he has been Visiting Engineer at the Department of Chemical Engineering of MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA where he performed research  on behavior of solid cabon particles during fluidized bed combustion in the staff of proff. A. Sarofim e J. Beer. Riccardo Chirone has developed an intense research activity acquiring technical and scientific skills and attitudes of operating strategy that have been frequently measured by taking responsibility for coordination and direction of working groups, and projects: member of the Scientific Council of the Department for Energy and Transport of the CNR (2009-2012), member of the Board of the Institute for Research on Combustion (1988-2008), member of the Coordination Group of the Technology Platform for Sustainable Management of Wastes of the Ministry of Education and Internationalization (2011  tuday), member of the Scientific Board of the "Smart Power System District" of the Campania Region (2012 up today), member of the CNR Commission of Experts for the evaluation of Cooperation Proposals in the framework of agreements with foreign counterparts Bodies (2011 e 2012), expert designated by CNR in Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment of the Ministry of the Environment (2005), member of the Coordination Group of the project "Advanced technologies for the integration of the electric production systems" of the Campania Regional Competence Centre on "New Technologies for Production Activities" (2006-2005). He has operated in several positions of responsibility in national and international research projects, including the coordination of projects of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel of the European Union and the coordination of a cluster of CNR Institutes for a PON project. Chirone has been the Chairman of several International Conferences of Fluidization Technologies, Combustion Symposia and Workshops on “Solid Fuels, Waste Combustion and Gasification” and “Attrition Phenomena in Fluidized Bed Combustors”.

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