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Ruoppolo Giovanna


Senior Researcher

Giovanna Ruoppolo
Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione IRC-CNR
Via Metastasio, 17 - 80125 Napoli (Italy)
Ph. +39 081 5931567

Fax +39 081 5931567


Curriculum Vitae
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Research Topics


Giovanna Ruoppolo is active in the  fields of heterogeneous catalysis and chemical reactor design. She is author of 43 paper on international journal (ISI with 460 citations, h-index=13 @ luglio 2014 – fonte Scopus) and of 60 paper in National and international conferences . The research interests of Giovanna Ruoppolo are related to two main areas, each of one has been subdivided into more research lines:

materials and catalytic processes in fixed or fluidized bed reactors for energy and environment:

  • catalytic oxidation of light hydrocarbons
  • post-combustion treatment of exhaust gases from power plants
  • preferential oxidation of CO in hydrogen rich stream
  • decomposition of methane to produce hydrogen


gasification of biomass and residual:

  • comminution phenomena
  • set up and characterization of innovative catalyst systems
  • design of innovative fluidized bed gasifiers.







    Biographical Notes


    The research activity of Dr Ruoppolo, started with her degree thesis and then continues with the PhD activity under the supervision of prof. Gennaro Russo,and it has further enhanced during the period of permanence at the Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse CNRS in Lyon as Visiting Engineer and continue as a permanent researcher at IRC from December 2001. The intensity and degree of maturity is witnessed by over 100 publications of which 40 are papers and memoirs published in international journals with review committee or in international conferences as well as from different positions and acquired scientific recognition. She was the scientific responsible of a project financed by the Campania Region for the development of a catalytic system for preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide in hydrogen rich stream, and she is the referent person for the IRC pre pilot fluidized bed gasifier. Dr Ruoppolo has been also involved in the European Project “ FLEXGAS” Research Found for Coal and Steel concerning co-gasification of biomass and coal  (endene in 2010) and she has been aslo involved in the FECUNDUS project: advanced concepts and process schemes for CO2 free fluidized and entrained bed co-gasification of coals (ended in the 2013). She is also the scientific responsible of FLAVIA, a project financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to develop a process of thermal abatement and evaporation of the organic load of the vegetable water in a fluidized bed (ended in 2013) and the project ” Integrate gasification and gas clean up for UK waste project (waste gasification)” financed by Broadcrown Ltd. Airfield Industrial (ended in 2014). Giovanna Ruoppolo is a member of the Scientific Board of IRC since 2008. She is also reviewers' panel of international journals relevant to the fields of Chemical Engineering and of Combustion. She has supervised several dissertations for the degree in Chemical Engineering at the DIC-UNINA.

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